A deeply relaxing and energising Oriental treatment rebalancing your energy flow in your body,working on your meridians or energy highways in your body leaving you completely recharged. This treatment is based on your personal ‘pulse and hara’ diagnosis.No oils used, the receiver wears comfortable loose clothing, 1.5 hrs treatment.


Body and mind in balance

Everyone experiences stress or tension at one time or another. For some this leads to physical symptoms such as back pain, chronic headaches or fatigue. Others feel emotionally off balance, or feel down and suffer from mood swings. If the symptoms get worse or continue for too long, many people are no longer capable of recovering on their own. Shiatsu, Oki Yoga and Massage can help to restore the balance between body and mind.
Most health insurance companies cover Shiatsu therapy.


Have you tried the following modalities:
Remedial ,Deep Tissue, Swedish and Aroma Therapy Massage?

If you are sore, tired and stressed Shiatsu and Massage welcomes you.
Shiatsu is a firm, effective and divinely relaxing Japanese acupressure massage based on the energetic flow principles of Oriental medicine.
The bodywork involves unique massage and stretching techniques that are designed to restore a healthy flow of chi along your meridians, energy channels that flow from head to toe.
Shiatsu soothes your nervous system and supports healing while relieving muscle tension and stress. Enjoy restored vitality in body, mind and spirit.


watsu is a hot water based treatment. Antonieke has a passion to assist your healing process in hot water 30-34 degrees celcius: a floating, gentle moving of your body in water healing treatment

Wholefood as Medicine

your dietry advise based on the 5 element theory of Chinese medicine


Corrective OKi or Chi YOGA

Is derived from the teachings of the Japanese Master, Masahiro Oki, who combined Indian Hatha Yoga with the precise diagnostic and meridian-based healing arts of China and Japan .Oki Yoga offers a remarkably accurate and remedial system of asanas ( stretches and postures)-releasing, strengthening and invigorating.