Universal Healing Arts offers high quality wellness treatments, classes, and seminars in Newport Beach part of the Peninsula, Northern Beaches NSW Australia.

Your natural health practitioner and teacher Antonieke Verschure is highly trained in zen shiatsu with moxabustion; cupping, wholefoods as medicine, yoga, massage, reiki, dry needling, meditation, humanistic psychology: somatics, gestalt therapy, bio -energetic bodywork
( Reich, Lowen , Maris) as well as offering classes in massage, za zen and kin hin meditation, oki yoga & gestalt dreamwork.

Antonieke is a public speaker, trainer, teacher and facilitator of healing arts whose love of vitality is compassionately expressed in her teachings of holistic body and mind-work.

Her teachings are based on ancient Healing Arts from the East and Humanistic Psychology from the West. She has been invited as a trainer, guest speaker and healer for forums, conferences & festivals in Australia , EU & the USA. She has more than 20 years of clinical diagnostic experience.

With a passion for offering tuition in the form of weekly gatherings and or seminars and special events allowing you to become connected, aware and alive.

Universal Healing Arts offers treatments, with a dedication to your total well-being and relaxation with blissfull treatments leaving you radiant and full of vitality.

Courses with lessons in unifying body, mind and spirit on offer:

1. The Artist’s Way: A course in discovering and recovering your Creative Self, following the exquisite structure given by the masterpiece of Julia Cameron in a weekly group session

2. Gestalt Dreamwork: A lively course in active dream interpretation offering you practical Gestalt tools providing an insight into your inner self, an ongoing weekly group session

3. Oki Yoga: Yoga based on the seasons, an ongoing weekly group session for beginners, matts provided. Following our meridians with a focus on emotional integration with teachings of Somatic Bodywork in an ongoing weekly group session.

4. Meditation: Walking meditation Kin Hin and sitting meditation Za Zen, an ongoing weekly group session focussing on centering Hara.

5. Massage: Swedish massage techniques, Shiatsu massage techniques, an ongoing weekly group session, massage tables are provided

Special events: full moon gatherings, monthly seminars on Wholefood as Medicine, development of Intuition in ongoing development circle